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I wrote a post the vaginapagina But because I messed up with… - PMT Sufferers
July 4th, 2005
01:56 am


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I wrote a post thevaginapagina But because I messed up with wording they all now believe me to be insane, something I am not.

I have PMS or PMT whatever way you call it its a nightmare. I am currently on birth control to prevent pregnancy, but also asked if it would help (it being hormonal and all) my PMS(T) the doctor said it should and if it didn't they would see about other birth control meds or upping the hormones. well the first month was exceptional, I was placid trusting and happy except for stressed induced nightmares. (was at uni taking exams, thats enopugh to cause any sane person nightmares)

However this month mid to late cycle I had to take anti-biotics and duringthat time I missed two pills or took them very late depends on what yuo call missed. so I was wondering if the combination of this was the reason why today and only today I freaked out. I thought my boyfriend was lying cheating doing everything under the sun, when I know for a fact he isn't he is totally honest. I was paranoid which is my old PMS(T) symptom, not to mention cramping. Is this something that should I be a continually placid being should i take my pills religiously and not have to go on anti-biotics?

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